There are many different schools for respiratory therapy found in almost every city around the United States. Respiratory therapists are required to have a minimum two-year A.S. degree from an accredited respiratory program.

Respiratory Therapy School Accreditation

The Commission of Accreditation for Respiratory Care is responsible for giving respiratory therapy schools their accreditation. Founded in 1970, the CoARC recognition is a status that provides assurance to prospective students, their families and the general public that a RT program meets minimum requirements.

There are over 350 accredited schools in the United States. In these respiratory schools the grading scale is higher than a nonmedical-grading format. Any percentage under a 72% based on the medical grading standard is failing. The program is challenging, but will prepare you for the workload and skills one must have to pursue a respiratory therapist career.

Programs at Respiratory Therapist Schools

While in the respiratory program, there are clinical workshops to practice on simulated patients. These phony patients will exhibit the same symptoms as real patients, but in a controlled environment. This experimental training is an important part of learning and fine-tuning clinical techniques as well as bedside manner. The RT program will give one the skills and knowledge that will be used with real patients in actual medical situations.

Upon completion of the program you will be required to pass a state test called the C.R.T., before you are able to practice within the state in which you live.